Three Things Thursday

This week is flying by!  My brother and his girlfriend are visiting for the weekend and I am so pumped!  The weather has been a little cool the last few days, but I think we will have high 70's and sun for Saturday.  Not quite pool weather for Houstonians, but maybe the Northerners will brave it. Should be a good time either way :) 

Now on to Three Things Thursday - Food Edition


1. Baked Hummus Mushrooms

I first saw the idea on HTP and have been meaning to try it since.  Then one day, I was in a hurry to add protein to a dinner quickly and had both ingredients in the fridge.  400°F for about 20 minutes and...Voila!

Close up.


2.  Rolls

Two ways.  First, and common weekend dining-in staple, HEB sushi.  We have found that if you do a made-to-order party tray you get a much better deal.  Winning!  (sorry about that, I just really like that saying...)

Bret got creative in the kitchen this week with a fun recipe from Pioneer Woman.  I just enjoyed the veggie wrap-rolls and did not take a picture.  It was good though...very fresh and filling!  Ours were huge because we only had burrito wraps.


3.  Cadbury Eggs

Love! Love! Love!  We resisted buying any Easter candy this year, but future MIL sent us a box full of goodies that we have been thoroughly enjoying over the last week.  There were 8...EIGHT eggs in the box and I savored every bit of about 4 and 1/2 of them :)  I try to not focus on calories of sweets that I'm just trying to enjoy, but I was pleasantly surprised that the eggs were only 150 cals!  I looked last night as I was enjoying my last one.  Yum!


I grew up with huge fudge eggs from Seroogy's.  I really like the malted milk eggs though too.   The traditional Peeps and jelly beans have never been my favorites.  Though, the Starburst and Trolli (sour) jelly beans won me back a few years ago. 


What is your favorite Easter candy? 


  1. PEEPS! I really like the yellow ones.

  2. My husband realized the same thing about the HEB trays, but I don't east sushi, so he has to be reallllly hungry! And my favorite Easter candy is the cadbury mini eggs - simple and perfect to me!