Three Things Thursday

I have been really boring lately...there just isn't much to write about without sounding like a doofus.


1.  Home Goods

This place helped me finish off the new red bathroom.  I found a white shower curtain with a dark gray pattern that perfectly matched a fluffy gray rug.  I was easily sold on the pair, but HG only had one rug, when I really need two (one for the sink and another for the tub/toilet area).  Before getting around to returning the rug, we happened to stop at another HG last weekend and that one had the smaller version of the same one!  Piecemealing decoration together is not my favorite pastime, but I'll take it this time...the rug is really soft :)  To keep from making the bathroom too dark (with red and dark gray), we got white towels for guests.  The bathroom transformation is now almost complete. 



2.  Pi Amuses Me Greatly


3.  Bad Combo

Curious cats and toilet paper.  Since we are on both topics, this seems like an appropriate picture.  Knock-on-wood, but it has been a while since either cat has felt the need to use a toilet paper roll as a treadmill.  They usually run against glass things these days:  pantry door, shower door, full-length mirror, and occasionally actual windows.

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  1. My cat either does that, or he claws into and through the toilet paper. We have to use a toilet paper plastic box thingy for ours. And I love Home Goods!