I'm Back!

Wow...long time, no write! 

Life has been rather busy the last two months.  My regular cooking, reality TV watching and blogging was interrupted by a bunch of travel and planning for it.  Let's catch up quickly...

Visited Wisconsin

I was lucky to have an excellent weekend catching up with a ton of my family and friends.  It was seriously one of the best jam packed weekends ever.

Babcock Badger Blast ice cream on the Terrace.

I convinced my some family members to run/walk Crazy Legs with me on Saturday morning.  I was actually well trained and raced my personal best for the course.  I thoroughly enjoyed the beer, music and company following the race too.  To top it all off, I ran into the Amazing Race winner Rachel!  Ahhh!!!

To finish my time in Madison, I ran out to Picnic Point to see the construction changes.  I happened to spot this little plaque in a rock at the end to make it an "official" run.  It was the first time I had ever noticed it, and just as I was crouching down to take a picture, two older gentlemen came walking up and said something like "look, she's taking a picture of it!"  One of them was Art, who originally put the plague there.  We had a nice conversation about His efforts to conserve the Point and how they have a new UW student group on campus to help the effort.  It made me sad to know I was leaving the beautiful place that day, but at least my favorite spot is in good hands. 

This plaque used to be on the light pole at the end of the point,
but the construction took down that pole and Art negotiated this new spot for it.

Cheese curds, three times...Great Dane, Culver's and Garlic Dill "fresh" from the airport before leaving the great state.

Traveled more for work and had a lot of planning for vacation. 

There was a lot of dreaming about fresh pasta. 

Mediterranean Cruise Honeymoon!

I hope to go into more detail on each stop later on, but suffice to say, it was an absolute blast!  The food on Oceania Riviera was the best I have ever experienced on a ship.  Even the buffet on our first evening was better than any dinner on previous cruises...and that was our only buffet dinner!  We made 10 stops and visited 11 different cities in Turkey, Greece & Italy.

Shout out to our awesome neighbor who took wonderful care of our kitties while we were away!

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  1. Glad you're back! And as a married woman now, I take it? Congratulations! And please explain cheese curds to me. I have heard of them but never had one so now I'm curious!