Runyon Canyon

Okay, okay...I guess I jumped the gun a bit when I said "I'm back!"  I had good intentions of blogging semi regularly after that, but it just didn't happen.  I haven't been particularly inspired to write, or take time away from actual fun, to take pictures...I know...total blogger failure.  

I have one cool adventure to write about, though.  At the end of June I had a work trip to California and was able to muster up energy to do something fun!  I have been to LA/OC a few times before for work, but never had the energy to fight LA traffic, or do much more than get to a mall.  This time, I went for it.  I was kind of ashamed that I had never actually seen the Hollywood sign, and decided to remedy that.  That, and I wanted to visit a celebrity fitness hot-spot.

Runyon Canyon

My GPS led me here.

There were a number of trail options.  My GPS led me to the starting point at the top of the map.  I was a little disoriented at first and did the purple line hike (really short) before realizing I was at a dead end.  My goal was to do the super though hike (red), so I went on my way and figured it out. As I was hiking, I realized I was pretty much going the wrong way because everyone was going reverse.  Not that it was a problem at all, but I was going down some slightly scary and sandy paths that definitely did not have hand rails.  Everyone else was huffing and puffing up the red path and I was just trying not to fall as I stepped/slid down.  Safety is my primary concern and I totally butt slid a couple times.  After making it down the red trail, I started back with the green trail that joined with yellow until making it back to my car.


First lookout...off of the end of the purple trail.

More views.

I'll take the shade while I have it!

On top of the peak in that last photo.

Treacherous, butt sliding part.

Still going down!

The HOLLYWOOD sign!!!
 Bad angle, but it's just below the tower sticking up on the middle hill.

Looking down at where I'll have to climb up later.
That path is probably part of the green just before joining with yellow.

Climbing back up the green path.  I ran/walked this part since it was nicely paved.

Overall, it was a great workout with awesome views.  The hike was nice for really working my legs in a different way.  I really don't get to do hill work on Houston's flat, flat, flatness.  There were unfortunately no celeb spottings ;)  Next time, I guess!  It took about 1 hour and 15-30 minutes to do the whole loop, and is something I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a hike with views.