Pumpkin Update

Pumpkin had a rather crappy June.  First, his parents were away for two weeks. Though, he may actually have liked that since our neighbor came by regularly to play with Him and Pi.  We will never really know.

Shortly after vacation, we had an evening in where Mr.PnP was working at the computer and I was watching The Bachelorette, or something equally worthy.  I could have sworn I heard a crazy cat distressed noise coming from the kitchen (like cry/meow/snarl all in one).  I jumped up from the couch to see what was going on.  Mr.PnP was printing something at the computer, so I thought that maybe I was just hearing things, but I soon discovered that Pumpkin was favoring his right paw.  :(

Cats obviously can't tell you what is wrong, and rather often down-play their injury or weakness.  The first vet we took him to said it was probably just a strain and it would heal on it's own.  That made me feel a little better, but watching him limp was so sad.  A few days later, he was still limping. We did some investigation and found a big scab on Pumpkin's right paw.  His paw pad was also pretty inflamed. :( 

The following day I took Pumpkin to a different vet and she was great.  She cleaned out his paw/scab area, gave him an antibiotic shot for the probable abscess or infection and another to ease the inflammation and pain.  She also bestowed upon him a collar of shame to stop him from licking and re-infecting his paw.  Poor guy had to wear it for almost a week! 

Sulking on the first day.

Being extra cuddly.  Really guilt-tripping it.

Thankfully, the treatment worked and he was back in playing shape in about two weeks.  Since then, He's been up to normal mischief like peeing in the bathroom sink, climbing ladders and being a supper cutie pie.

Helping helper who helps.

I mean, who sleeps.  Doubles as a heated wrist rest.

Must find way into the attic.

Awe $#^!...busted.

Maybe if I look away, she will just leave me alone.

Do not look her in the eyes...she's not really there.

What's the worst mischief your pet has been into?  



  1. OMG love that squishy, furry face. Hate that that vet was so dismissive! When Bauer was still new, Andrew went in the attic to show his sister my engagement ring (he hadn't proposed yet) and wasn't used to having a kitten around so he stepped on his paw on those steps! Andrew says the cat hasn't made as bad of a sound since. Poor guy!

  2. Oh I'm so sad that he had to go to the vet, but I swear that is one gorgeous kitty!