Genius New Recipe

I am a genius.  Okay, not really.  I'm actually a big idiot that was resourceful enough to salvage a boxed baking mix.  Let me explain...

Krusteaz makes some really good (and cheap*) boxed baking mixes.  They have pancakes, muffins, bars, etc, and I haven't tried one I didn't like yet.  So, yesterday I had a bit of time on my hands and the lemon bars sounded good to me.

"Easy to Make" my ass...jk.

I started by following the first instruction...turn on the oven...good.

Then, I whisked the eggs and water for the lemon filling...done.

This is where the magic doofusness occurred.  In the lemon bar box, there are exactly two pouches of white stuff.  One is the crust, the other is the filling.  Guess which one I added to the eggs?  Yep...the wrong one!  F$#@k...

This is where the creative (smart) baking Amy comes back into play.  Instead of two layer lemon bars, it became an all-in-one layer bar. :)  I added a bit more water (an extra 1/4 cup or so) since I thought the crust would soak up too much of the initial moisture.  I'm not sure what it is with me and lemon bars, but we do not seem to do well together.  I attempted making them home-made last year and ended up with three layer bars...

My other concerns were whether the new mixture would stick too much to the pan, and how it would actually bake.  To solve both of these concerns, I portioned it into silicon lined muffin tins.  It made about 15 "muffins."  I then baked them.  I peeped in at the "muffins" after 15 minutes and they were actually rising! :)  They were still very yellow though, so I gave them an extra 5 minutes to slightly brown on the edges.  Perfection Acceptable!!

Silicon liners are really awesome.

They actually turned out surprisingly well.  Like I said, they rose decently and hold together so you can eat them by hand.  The texture is interesting.  It's like a dense, slightly gooey/sticky, but still a little fluffy cornbread muffin.  i.e. edible and functional as a lemon dessert!

Just like the box picture!
They only need a little powdered sugar.

Worst case, I would have scrapped them and just eaten girl scout cookies...but those can now wait a few more days.

*By cheap, I mean like less than $2 most of the time and they often have in-store coupons at HEB making it even better.  Also, they don't require much in terms of extra ingredients unlike a lot of Central Market mixes.

Pumpkin visited the photo shoot.
I'm pretty sure he already thought I was crazy.

What the best recipe wreck that you were able to salvage?

I find that the more I try new recipes and experiment, the more wrecks occur and not all are able to be saved.

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