Wisconsin Girl in Houston

Lots of changes happened in the first half of 2012.  So many, that sometimes it is hard to believe...
  1. new job
  2. new state
  3. engaged
  4. bought a house
The year prior was a pretty stagnant period of my life.  I was living in Madison, WI while my fiance was in Houston, TX.  We were able to spend many weekends together, but life and the future was kind of in limbo...when will Amy find a job in Houston?  Will she even find a job?  Where will it be?  Will we be able to afford a house?  Stressful times I tell ya!  

It was all worth it though.  My work experiences in Madison during our time apart definitely helped me get my new job here.  The new job is great with a ton of new opportunities to learn and people to meet.  Every time I take a moment to really think about the way life has sorted itself out, I feel so extremely fortunate.  

There will always be bumps along the road, but the more I live and grow, the more I feel confident that I can handle it.  Support and encouragement from my other half has helped a lot too.  Teams are great! :)

Now I must get back to the Badge game.  Let's hope for a W for UW!

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