Butternut Squash Soup

Two weeks ago, there was a pretty bad homemade soup flop in this house.  Sorry Honey!  I had the best of intentions with homemade chicken broth, noodles and frozen vegetables.  Well, the issues started with weak broth, and then to make matters worse, I took out all of the floating fat (it looked like a good idea at the time...) but just didn't work. There was no flavor and all of the salt and pepper in the house could not save it.   As of yet, I am obviously not soup chef extraordinaire, but maybe someday?

Bret was nice enough (or hungry enough) to eat it all, but I know I need some practice.  Remember when I linked to a couple soup recipes last week?  Well, I a couple!  The butternut squash soup seemed the most straight forward and afforded me the opportunity to use my immersion blender!  Sorry, the new appliance will lose it's novelty at some point, but I'm still looking more ways to use it :)

Butternut Squash Soup

See the recipe here that was originally inspired here.

1. Chop the Squash!  This was the hardest part, but once I figured out to use my "Rock n' Chop" Miracle Blade it went fairly smoothly.

2.  Slice onions and saute in stockpot with rosemary and a little oil till softened.

3.  Add butternut squash cubes, broth, milk**.  Bring to boil and simmer till the squash is tender.

4. Sip a little red wine while you wait :)

4. Immersion blend the soup!!! Then add cream cheese and S & P to taste.

In action!!!

5.  Enjoy!

* I used soy milk in place of regular milk and cream because I didn't have either available.  As the soup simmered, the soy milk separated somewhat and looked grainy (causing more failure nervousness!).  Luckily, the immersion blender did its thing and the soup turned out super smooth and rich.

I had that fairly large bowl for dinner with some crackers and was way overly full.  I didn't expect the soup to be so filling, so be warned!  This recipe is a keeper, and this could even be a weeknight supper (especially if the squash was cut the day before).

Do you have a go-to yummy and easy soup recipe?

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