Happy Pumpkin

This cat probably ate more Turkey on our day of Thanksgiving than I did.
He probably would have kept going if the plate didn't run out.
Digesting under the Christmas tree.
Tough life he leads...
We were expecting to find turkey barf that evening or the next morning, but he kept it all in! Edited:  Bret found some this morning, 4 days later...not sure if that still counts.

Amazing Race 11/25

  • Good episode overall. I like that the teams are splitting off more and are not always on the same flight. 
  • The Double U-Turn strategy by the Twins and Texans was awesome!  It obviously paid off, and I couldn't be happier.  It is nice to see smart racers every now and then.
  • Abby made me feel a little bad for her out there dancing and organning in the rain, but Ryan squashed that sympathy pretty quick.
  • After the first leg, I said it's a game and you always have to do what you can to win.  At that time, it was Abby and Ryan doing the winning when they passed the double amputee, and now the tides have turned.  Boo Hoo, no $2 Million for you two...
  • Lastly, who in their right mind would want to race with another team when you know you are at the back of the pack?  Two episodes in a row for that matter!?!  Thankfully, the Doctor Beekman was able to talk some sense into his buddy.  Phil even tempted him with an option to lose!

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