Broken Brownies

I found a great black bean brownie recipe a couple months ago, and have made it 6 times!  Chocolate Covered Katie posted it.  It's very simple and doesn't require any sugar.  Sure it takes maple syrup, splenda and chocolate chips, but I think that is still an improvement over a regular box.

Fuzzy ingredients.

Anyways...It's easy and even Bret has come around to it's awesomeness.  I was going to make "real" brownies from a box for him one night this week, but he actually requested the black bean version.  Houston hath frozen over!

So, I whipped up a quick batch.  SIDE NOTE:  Another great thing about Katie's recipe is that it bakes in 15 - 18 minutes.  We enjoyed 1/2 of said batch that night.  I almost brought a piece to work the next day, but stopped short because I know that 1/2 a pan is a great dessert for the two of us.

That evening, I get home and find Bret already home.  I start trying to figure out what to make for dinner and and notice the brownie pan is missing.  I don't think much of it and figure he was just hungry when he got home.  Time goes by that night and I ask him what happened to the brownies (because, of course, I needed chocolate).  He said to me in passing "It broke."  I was like "huh?" to myself, but was not in the mood to think too much about it that night.

Fast forward another day.  I start getting concerned that the brownie pan is actually broken.  It's a Pyrex 9x9 or 8x8 and is my only square pan.  Normally, if Bret finishes a dish he puts it in the dishwasher or leaves in on the counter in plain sight.  No pan in sight.  I again approach Bret about the "broken" brownie.

"Oh!!" Says Bret.  "I hid it."  He goes and pulls out the pan from a bottom kitchen drawer.  He had hid it so that HE could eat it later...but then he forgot.


Lucky for Bret, the brownies were still good and the pan was not broken.  :)  I apologize if this was too long  winded, but it was just funny!  Here I thought I was the only one who was sneaky with chocolate.  I may have met my match!

Other Fun Things This Week

The Bachelor is now on!  I do believe we will see some fun drama this time around :)


Martinis!!!  My lovely brother gave us fancy martini glasses for Christmas and we have figured out a few good recipes.  Cosmos are the best!

Date night!  Les Mis.  Very good movie.  Teared up at the end and would recommend it to anyone who likes musicals.  I have not actually seen the musical in person, but I knew most of the story line from watching the 25th anniversary concert.  With that, I learned more depth of the story line from the movie and was able to follow the whole thing very easily.

Stretching out!

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  1. Hi Amy....I was telling my co-workers about the brownies you make and they have never eaten black bean brownies. I told them I would get the recipe and make them. I will let you know how they turn out.

    Anyone reading this comment should also make them......they are sooooo good